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Our main location is nestled amongst the hills of the Russian River valley where the river waters join the Pacific Ocean, in Sonoma County California, at the Managed Marine Recreation Area in the small village of "Jenner by the Sea". 


Our Rural Location Has Very Limited Internet:

Expect up to 72 hours for an e-mail response.  Please only e-mail for future plans.

Cell phone service is close to not existent.

Please call for fastest service:

Please leave a message with your phone number so we can call you back.

Reservation calls can come into us 2 or 3 at a time. The third call will not revert to our answering machine. If this happens, please call back.


A number 1 is not required first on all Landlines.

        Our reservations are by landline phone calls.

This line cannot accept texts.

Lifeguard Shortage: We are very short staffed as are many other businesses at this time.

If we don't answer...

We are either across the street at the water's edge helping clients, or it's after hours when calls are forwarded to the cell phone of the next day's staff.

We check our messages often and continue to take reservations 7 days a week.

We are not open onsite Tuesday and Wednesday per the staff shortage. On these days we do website and other business administration or catch up on office paperwork and supply runs at inland locations.

We check calls often, will return your call shortly, and look forward to helping you disconnect from the busyness of life and to reconnect with nature here at our protected marine and wildlife area on the Russian River.


WaterTreks EcoTours

P.O. Box

Jenner, CA 95450

Email: info

Our check-in location is at

10440 Highway One

Jenner, CA 95450

There has never been cable for tv or internet connections.  All access to those services are by satellite which is very poor and becomes further disrupted during periods of heavy rain, fog or astronomical events. Therefore, internet and cell coverage are not reliable for communicating with our clients.

Our town has a building moratorium.  Our client meet location does not have electricity. The good news is, we share an electrical connection,  with another local business, for a wireless handset for our landline phone and credit card access.


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