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Living Classrooms Project: Expanding Minds Since 2004


Welcome to our living classroom:


Arrange your activity with our experienced guides and "Sonoma Coast Watch" staff


We work with you to meet your business, educational and activity needs and provide up to three
interpretive/educational guides along with our kayak outfitting, dry bag storage and outerwear.


Group Educational Tours Hiking & Kayaking
  Build Your Own Group
  Please See Group Tour Pricing
  Business Seminar Activities
  Please See Group Tour Pricing
  Maximum Group Size: 30

Education Providers
Call for a quote for education, youth and military veteran groups

  Non-Profit Tours                     Middle School, College & Youth Groups
Maximum Group Size: 30                  Maximum Group Size: 35

Living Classrooms Project: Science & History
We work with you to meet your curriculum needs
Middle school through college class groups

      Video Clips
  Estuary / Mammals
    Mammoth / Whale

Priced to meet educational and family budgets
Maximum Group Size: 30 students plus 5 instructors /chaperones                        


Russian River Estuary By Kayak
All participants must have swimming skills
Standard Curriculum
Safety & Skill Review: Mandatory
Flora & Fauna Identification
Assist In Creating Local Field Guides
Marine Mammal Identification
Help Track Cetations & Pinnepeds
Water Testing  (Sonoma Coast Watch)
Zooplankton & Phytoplankton
Debris Identification & Statistics
Tides, Waves & River Mouth Discussion

Sample Areas
Penny/Santos Island Hike (Two locations)
Goat Rock Beach (Three locations)
Harbor Seal Float: Possible Beach Walk

Tide Pool Flora & Fauna Hike
Also available through Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
History, Flora & Fauna Hikes
Several trail routes available
Safety and trip planning review

Willow Creek
Red Hill Trail
Kortum Trail


State Beaches: Tidepools or Goat Rock / Includes Ocean Beach
Jenner Headlands / Willow Creek:
Scheduled in cooperation with or local California State Parks and Wildlands Conservancy


Other Available Topics
  Native American History of the Russian River & Sonoma Coast

  History & Commerce of  the Lower Russian River
  Estuary, River & Marine Wildlife, Ecology, Biology & Botany
  Ask about arranging a topic or species specific guest speaker.

  Coming Soon!
  Leave No Trace Presentations
  Low Cost Student: Smart Start to Kayaking! Skills/Safety/Etiquette
  Lower Russian River & Sonoma Coast:  Guided Only Location Access


Educational Enhancement Certifications
   Ask about arranging a topic specific guest speaker:        
    Project Learning Tree  
     Save Our Seas 
    Project Wild


Guide & Recreation Safety Training
Also recommended for educators wishing to guide their own groups
Kayak & Hike Leadership Skills, Assessments & Certification
Safety & Rescue for Recreation & the Outdoors 

American Red Cross 
  Wilderness First Aid

American Canoe Association
  River and Sea Kayaking
  Paddle Board & Surf Kayaking
  Swift Water Rescue: American River Location & Instructors
    Deep Water Rescue: Sonoma and Marin County Locations

Recommended months for educational enhancement tours
 Hiking: Midweek: Anytime of year, weather permitting

  Kayaking for standard school year schedules
Midweek: September / October / November Field Research For Semester and Year Classes

               March / April / May: Field Research or Field Trips.
    Kayaking for summer school schedules
Midweek: June / July / August
Ask us about organizing seasonal fundraisers to support
        educational & instructional youth scholarships

We volunteer services for annual cleanups!  Join us!



Join our local California State Parks Volunteers with
Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
Docent Training & Community Education Opportunities
Check out their Tidepool and Environmental Living Programs for students.