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Living Classrooms Project

Expanding Minds Since 2004


Welcome to our Living Classroom:

Arrange your activity with our experienced guides and staff


We work with you to meet your educational, youth or health and well being supporting activity needs and provide up to three interpretive / educational guides along with our kayak outfitting, dry bag storage and outerwear.


Call for our deeply discounted quote for education, youth, military veteran, or other health and well being non-profit groups. 


Priced to meet educational and family budgets:

We created our extensive tourism activities

to help fund our core of community education.


Schools, Scouts,Youth and Veteran Groups: Call for our partially funded prices.

It's best for partially funded groups to reserve at least a month or two in advance. Large groups may require us closing rentals for safety staff to cover the extra guide positions needed.

Our tourism rentals are what fund our ability to drop rates for community education guided tours.

Please try to reserve for a Monday or Friday during Summer months as the tourism weekend rates are what fund us. Monday through Friday are available mid September through the first week of November, and March through May, prior to Memorial Weekend Each year. Note that mid April through Mid June can be the windiest months of the year and are subject to wind or rain reschedules or  cancellations. During drought years, any month of the year may have hot and calm periods when we are also open.


Non-Profit Tours
Maximum Group Size: 30


Middle School through College Field Research

Riparian and Marine Ecology and Biology
We work with you to meet your curriculum needs.

Outdoor educational enhancement certificates.

Save our Seas, Project Wild and Project Learning Tree
Maximum Group Size: 35
30 students plus 5 instructors /chaperones

Video Clips
Estuary / Mammals
Mammoth / Whale


 Other Available Topics   Native American History of the Russian River & Sonoma Coast  History & Commerce of  the Lower Russian River   Estuary, River & Marine Wildlife, Ecology, Biology & Botany   Ask about arranging a topic or species specific guest speaker.

Russian River Estuary By Kayak
All participants must have swimming skills
Standard Curriculum
Safety & Skill Review: Mandatory
Flora & Fauna Identification
Assist In Creating Local Field Guides
Marine Mammal Identification
Help Track Cetations & Pinnepeds
Water Testing  (Sonoma Coast Watch)
Zooplankton & Phytoplankton
Debris Identification & Statistics
Tides, Waves & River Mouth Discussion

Sample Areas
Penny/Santos Island Hike (Two locations)
Goat Rock Beach (Three locations)
Harbor Seal Float: Possible Beach Walk


Recommended months for educational enhancement tours
   Kayaking for standard school year schedules
Midweek: September / October / November

Field Research For College Semester and Middle or High School Classes

               Midweek: March / April / May: Field Research or Field Trips.

Weekends: Scouts and Youth Groups
    Kayaking for summer school and scout schedules
Midweek: June / July / August

We cannot do weekends during Summer Months

as peak tourism activities are funding our low education prices.
We lead volunteer teams for annual cleanups!  Join us!

Earth Day:

End of Winter Cleanup

Early November:

End of Summer Pre-Main Rain Season Cleanup



Available through Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
Tide Pool Flora & Fauna Hike
History, Flora & Fauna Hikes
Several trail routes available

Willow Creek

Red Hill Trail

Kortum Trail

State Beaches: Tidepools or Goat Rock / Includes Ocean Beach
Jenner Headlands / Willow Creek locations:
Schedule in cooperation with the  Wildlands Conservancy


Other Available Topics
  Native American History of the Russian River & Sonoma Coast

  History & Commerce of  the Lower Russian River
  Estuary, River & Marine Wildlife, Ecology, Biology & Botany
  Ask about arranging a topic or species specific guest speaker.

Also Available!
  Leave No Trace Presentations
  Low Cost Student: Smart Start to Kayaking! Skills/Safety/Etiquette


Guide & Recreation Safety Training
Also recommended for educators wishing to guide their own groups
Kayak & Hike Leadership Skills, Assessments & Certification
Safety & Rescue for Recreation & the Outdoors 

American Red Cross 
  Wilderness First Aid

American Canoe Association
  Tour and River Kayaking
  Paddle Board & Surf Kayaking
  Swift Water Rescue: American River Location & Instructors
  Deep Water Rescue: Sonoma County Locations

Other Group Kayak and Walk Tours  Build Your Own Group  Please See Group Tour Pricing  Business Seminar Activities  Please See Group Tour Pricing  Maximum Group Size: 30

Join our local California State Parks Volunteers with
Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
Docent Training & Community Education Opportunities
Check out their Tidepool and Environmental Living Programs for students.

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