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Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods:  Join a model team of  local State Park Volunteers: A Full list of ongoing training and Activities

Earth Day Cleanup : April: Annual


WaterTreks Volunteer Opportunities

Our Mission:
Promoting a Sustainable Future through Training Groups and Individuals to support and monitor our natural environments by participating in outdoor education and sustainable recreational activities.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Annual Earth Day Cleanup!:  April 13th 2013: Registration

"The River Rush" Canoe and Kayak Race On the Russian River
September: Annual
Judges, Safety Personel, Safety Motor Boat, Parking, Registration Booth, Announcer, Fundraising Committee, Workshop Presenters.
Recreational and Expert Divisions for fun and points.

The "Living Classrooms Project": Working with educators to match classroom curriculum and with youth groups to provide life experience opportunities in the outdoors.  Participate in creating local field guides! 

Sonoma Coast Watch : Sonoma HAB Watch
Monitoring our marine and estuary environment and networking to track toxic algal blooms in cooperation with CenCOOSNOAA  and Cal-PreEMPT!  Curious about the recent abalone die off?

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We are accepting applications for new volunteers and board members.