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Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods:  Join a model team of  local State Park Volunteers: A Full list of ongoing training and Activities

Earth Day Cleanup : April: Annual


WaterTreks Volunteer Opportunities

Our Mission:
Promoting a Sustainable Future through Training Groups and Individuals to support and monitor our natural environments by participating in outdoor education and sustainable recreational activities.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Annual Earth Day Cleanup!:  April 13th 2013: Registration

"The River Rush" Canoe and Kayak Race On the Russian River
September: Annual
Judges, Safety Personel, Safety Motor Boat, Parking, Registration Booth, Announcer, Fundraising Committee, Workshop Presenters.
Recreational and Expert Divisions for fun and points.

The "Living Classrooms Project": Working with educators to match classroom curriculum and with youth groups to provide life experience opportunities in the outdoors.  Participate in creating local field guides! 

Sonoma Coast Watch : Sonoma HAB Watch
Monitoring our marine and estuary environment and networking to track toxic algal blooms in cooperation with CenCOOSNOAA  and Cal-PreEMPT!  Curious about the recent abalone die off?


Coming Soon: Russian River Ludwigia Cleanup: Training to build cleanup teams for this invasive species.

Ludwigia Profile:

Join Us And Share Your Experience!  Call Today!
We are accepting applications for new volunteers and employees.  Start training now, during school breaks, to have the best pay this Summer. Must be 18 or older. Rescue certifications desired. For best pay they are required.


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