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Why WaterTreks?


Explore / Learn / Volunteer / Contribute

Welcome to the delightful village of Jenner by the Sea.


Your participation in our tourism activities, through WaterTreks, helps to support and fund education, research, conservation and paid internships for working students through our Sonoma Coast Watch and Living Classrooms projects.

Our main location is in the heart of Sonoma Coast State Park and The Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Our kayaking is within the protection of the Russian River Estuary.  This is the tidal portion of the Russian River where the warmer fresh river waters mix with the colder nutrient rich Pacific Ocean waters which attracts an abundance of both river and marine wildlife. This location is a Marine Protected Area as well as a State Managed Marine Recreation Area and the wildlife is also federally protected attracting birders, plant and wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in enjoying physical fitness on the water while immersing in nature.


Who We Are:

Owner Suki Waters, is a local Native American and Guamanian, Scottish, and European immigrant descendant, who became a certified guide, kayak instructor and wilderness first responder.  She began working with the public in outdoor recreation management, interpretation and safety in 1979 as a recreation director at the Lakeport City Park, which was very popular at the time for also hosting National Ski Boat Races. In 1987 she began devoting volunteer time to our local State Park's wildlife and Native American history interpretation through Stewards of Slavianka, which is now Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods. She is a sustainability and recreational safety advocate, as well as an outdoors educator, who's heart remains close to her home town of Jenner, the local waters and nature, as well as the interpretive organizations from which her roots have sprung.

Other guides and staff are outdoor enthusiasts and professionals including; guides, instructors and interns with their own unique experience and expertise. Most of us have been or are still active in volunteer or professional positions involving Recreation, Safety and Education. Our interns are future leaders in related outdoor safety, research or education fields.

We also assist state and other agencies in tracking and collecting ecological and wildlife information and statistics.

Our goal is to provide and promote ecological education, recreational safety and responsible ecotourism as well as volunteerism through activities that benefit the areas we visit.

We look forward to sharing our appreciation of all that is natural and wild.


And... enjoy organizing fund-raisers and educational tours for youth groups, schools, volunteer, veteran, ecological and recreational groups or organizations and outdoor activities for business and other group seminars.

We also accept Sponsorship for our programs to help with education scholarships, paid internships, volunteer activities, educational events and reduced fees for school, youth and military veteran activities.

Thank you for choosing your activity with WaterTreks.  All of our tourism activities help support the programs mentioned above.

Explore, learn, volunteer, contribute and we hope to see you out in nature soon.

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