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Kayak Instruction For Everyone!
Beginner through advanced courses / Guide and rescue training.
Instruction Flat and Moving Water Dates:
Spontaneous Scheduling For Moving Water Just After Seasonal Rain Storms.  Call for more info! 

Guided instruction and instructional tours replace our sightseeing tours and rentals during seasonally high river flows.

Some Classes Are Only Offered Shortly After Seasonal Rains. No Classes are offered during rain storm periods: Classes restart as soon as river debris clears, when current and river height drops below flood levels, and routes have been re-scouted for hazards.   Expect Periodic Reschedules In Rainy Season To Take Advantage Of The Best Moving Water Flows.

  Summer Youth Instruction
Our "Quick Start" Program provides a basic overview of strokes, recreational safety and outdoor etiquette.

Your child or student will gain a basic knowledge of body dynamics on the water and how their actions and skills contribute to the safety of group activities.  We will also provide information on how they can help respect nature, private property and future skills needed to participate in more advanced water related activities.
Partially Funded Community Education: 3 Hours: $65 Scheduled / $80 Private

Youth: Ages 10-14  Adult Standard: Ages 15 and Above

Course Outlines:

Smart Start: Level I:  This one-hour course will expose participants to basic safety and paddling skills. This curriculum is used in combination with the SmartStart for Paddler Presentation and Lesson Plan.

Quick Start: Level I: QuickStart is a brief, three-hour introduction to paddling a kayak. Students are presented with basic information on dressing to paddle safely, potential hazards and simple rescues. A minimal paddle skill set is presented and practiced, allowing students to safely and comfortably maneuver on still water. While designed as a stand-alone, introductory course, QuickStart students often progress to the Introduction to Kayak course to acquire greater paddling skill through significantly more guided, on-water practice time.

Full Day: Adult Instruction

Beginning Level Kayak Courses: I-II: Flat Water through Class I Moving Water
From beginning Flat Water on Lakes and River to Moving Water appropriate for our local waters. 

Flat Water: May - November and during periods of low current in Fall and Winter

Moving Water: January into April  and after seasonal rains October - December

Rates Are For Small Scheduled Groups of 4 or more:
Private rates are available, generally at $70 an hour.
American Canoe Association Participation Cards are awarded for completion of the following courses.

Introduction to Kayaking: Level I: Entry Level: No Experience Needed: 6 Hours: $240
Flat Water Introduction For All Types Of Kayaking

Essentials of River Kayaking: Level II: Entry Level: 10 Hours over 2 days: $360
For Those Who Feel Comfortable In A Kayak. Introduction To Moving Water.

Flatwater Safety & Rescue: Entry Level: 5 Hours: $240
Introduces essential flatwater safety practices and rescue techniques that can be performed with a minimum of equipment, in the first few minutes of an emergency.

3 - Day Crash Course: I-ll: Flat Water through Class I Moving Water
"The River Zen" Course For Flat Water Through Class I Rivers: $520
Learn the skills and full body dynamics to enjoy kayaking for a life time. 

Become One with Your Gear:  Use, Care and Maintenance
Full Body Dynamics: Reduce Muscle Strains / Self Rescue
Read Water and River Features: Work With and Play in The Flow
Day 1: Explore Different Types Of Kayaking, The Associated Gear, And Safety For Recreational Kayaking. Classroom work and on the Water: 8 hours
Day 2: Get Comfortable On Flat Water With An Introduction To Moving Water Features And Theory. Practice Self Rescue: 6 hours
Day 3: Practice New Skills On Class I Moving Water. Emphasis On Using River Features For Safety And / Or Play, and Team Rescue: 6 hours

Students Receive Participation Cards for both Essentials of River Kayaking and Flatwater Safety & Rescue.
                                            Become One With Your Kayak!
                   Moving Water: March/April/May  and after seasonal rains October - February


River or Essentials of Kayak Touring Assessments: Trip / Group Leader Training: Call for pricing. Generally available during our team training.  Private classes may be available.

  • River Kayak Level II: or Essentials of Kayak Touring: 16-20 Hours: Intended to provide the minimum skills and training necessary for an adult leader possessing solid basic paddling skills to lead a trip for participants with beginner level paddling skills. The emphasis is on trip leading, safety education and rescue, not paddling instruction. The content is relevant for clubs, camps, scouts and other entities providing trips. This is an Assessment Course with a written Examination.

  • Those desiring certification to teach kayak paddling please see ACA Instructor Certification.

Include Flatwater Safety & Rescue: For 3 full days: Call for pricing.

Seasonal Moving Water Instruction and Safety Workshops!

Learn about and practice skills needed for more advanced group activities.

Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician I and II

Safety and Emergency Response Training
Practice or certify with our staff and intern groups.

American Canoe Association: US Coast Guard Partner For Paddlesports

American Red Cross: CPR / AED / First Aid
Foster Calm: Wilderness First Aid / Responder
Specialized Rescue Inc: Swiftwater and Flood Rescue

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