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Russian River Estuary

Explore in lake like tidal salt water.

Birds, Seal Pups, Whale, Wildlife In Plenty.

  50 Yard River Mouth Restriction:

Deadly River Mouth Currents. "Stay back at least 150 feet" from roped off, river mouth, wildlife resting area.


"Protected Wildlife Resting Area" .   Avoid "Point of No Return" for currents flushing into the Pacific Ocean.
Be generous. If you feel a current, you're too close.


Estuary Micro-Climate:

  Weather / Water Forecast

River Mouth: Perched / Closed

Lake like in main estuary.

Estuary Micro-Climate:

  Weather / Water Forecast

River Mouth: Open

Lake like in main estuary.


06/28/2022: Tue :  Transition. Temps rise, Early PM wind.

Wed :  Temps drop to high 60s. Winds calm. 

Thur- Fri: Breezes possible around 1 PM

Sat: Winds may be as early as 11AM. Start early!

Sun: Overcast sky. Temps mid 60s. Calm.

Mon: Overcast clears around 2PM. Calm.

Next Tue - Thur: Temps rise, winds return by 2PM.

Early Summer: More periods of calm with gentle breezes between 2-5PM.  A few days of afternoon wind remain. Occasional days of early wind closures Reduce.

Forecasts can change.



 See our safety page for the same sites and apps we use to track local conditions.

Est map S JVC 2021 web.jpg

A full list of our seasonal weather and river flow limitations, and when we close for all activities, can be found here.

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WT flee 1115.jpg
Tule Estuary.jpg

Resuming Guided Tours

As soon as we are again fully staffed.


Morning Kayak and Hike


Evening: Sunset, Full Moon,

Night Bioluminescent (Glowing Plankton) 

Call Us! Paid Training / Paid Internships / College Credit / Veterans Encouraged

CPR, First Aid, Water Rescue: Renew Your Certifications

Or Paid Internship / Apprenticeship. Train with us to pass your certification now.


Be Part of a Fun and Professional Community Education and Recreation Safety Team. 

Certification Fees Covered with Seasonal or Annual Employment Agreement.

Competitive Pay - We Reward Your Experience and Efforts!


We're Popular and Turning Away Clients Do To Staff Shortages

Wildlife Adventures by Kayak in a Marine Protected and Recreational Management Area.

Our Tourism Activities Support Education and Research.

Kayak and SUP Rentals, Guided Tours, Schools, Scouts and Other Groups.    

Sonoma Safe Certified with Easily Adjustable Practices to Stay Open During Viral Surges.

Full-time and Part-time available May through October.

Full-time work available during school breaks throughout the year for experienced summer employees.


Employees, or paid internships: Upgrade your skills and certifications.

Gain Experience in Sustainable Recreation, Parks and Recreation, Outdoor Research, Education, Emergency Services (Lifeguards and Other Water Rescue) or Prep for Lead Kayak Guide and / or Instructor Certification.

College Credit and Work Programs accepted. We work with your college schedule.

Veterans Encouraged. Volunteer positions also available.

Certification fees paid with training and employment period contract.

Join us for another great Spring into Fall!  Apply, Train and Work Now!


Please also see our  Facebook and YouTube links. More education and research videos coming soon.


Then e-mail your resume with why you think we would be of mutual benefit to each other, then call us.


We will schedule an immediate opportunity to shadow us for half a day as an introduction to see what we do and as part of your initial interview.




Minimum Requirements: For All


Self-motivated quick learners

18 years of age or older

Upbeat attitude

Great customer service skills

Reliable Team Player: Think Emergency Service Team.  We all do our best to always keep our safety protocols first. Then we can each focus on sharing our best strengths and talents to have fun with our clients and reach our own personal goals in education, research, wildlife or plant biology or simply by being an outdoor recreation professional for sustainable activities in a very popular Managed Marine Recreation Area.

This also means you are at work, on time, and when you are scheduled; are always reachable on your 2-way radio while on duty, (this includes during your paid breaks and lunch), that you are ready to go and properly dressed on arrival and don't disappear when we all have to share in the daily basic cleaning and maintenance of the equipment that allows us to keep working and to earn our income. We have each others backs!

Enjoys kayaking and the outdoors

Enjoys pushing to excel physically. (Required for safety positions).

Ability to learn and share information about our Managed Marine Recreation Area

Able to lift and move 50 lbs unassisted. (Usually not more than 40 lbs)

Able to lift and move up to 300 lbs. as team. Don't hurt yourself showing off. We want your body to last a lifetime. For larger items work as a team.  (What's with the  300 lbs? A double kayak does not weight anywhere near that). Example: A large person collapses at the waters edge as the tide is coming in fast. He's breathing, but not responding. You radio our staff at "our client services booth" to call 911 and insist that the 911 operator contact the Monte Rio Fire Department to respond. It could take 20 minutes for the ambulance to arrive... What should we be doing in the mean time?  If you can't even guess what comes next, Safety and Rescue Work is not for everyone and that's O.K. (Go ahead... Think about it...) Everyone has strengths and some would rather race kayaks, with a rescue team just for them???, or analyze research statistics or maybe sustainable tourism in general , and that's great too. If imagining actually doing a rescue is too much, apply to work at the check in location to support our team in reservations and safety communications.  We still need you to have our backs in communications and will be running scenarios for training and refreshers with our Main Safety Team and  Interns.)

Reservations and Client Services: Part to Full Time: (Client Check-in, Reservations, Equipment Returns and Staff Communications)  May not require certifications. However, to work full-time, or to assist with water safety duties or “on the water education”, a minimum of CPR / first aid will be required while upgrading “on the water” experience and potential certifications. You may be paid higher rates when working in those positions.

     A dedicated, upbeat and fast paced multitasking person is needed to train to manage those duties Part to Full-time. $15 training or stay as a basic overall assistant at $16. We have rarely had that position, but over the last two years we've needed it with shortages in qualified staff. The current minimum wage in California for a business with less than 25 employees is $14 an hour. Pay to take charge of this position is per experience and ability to manage heavy client surges and trustworthiness to handle our payments, till, and to close it out and balance it at the end of the day or shift. Pay is to $20 an hour. 


Water Safety: Part to Full Time: Our safety positions require professional cpr / first aid / water rescue certification (Lifeguard or Swiftwater, Deepwater, or Dive Rescue), as well as training with our staff. (We train in wind to learn to help avoid our clients experiencing it. What’s fun for us can be too challenging for them.) Enjoy sharing timely safety and wildlife information while having fun.  This is not a kiddy beach or pool which is a great upgrade for basic lifeguards. We track weather and water conditions to operate most of our rentals and guided tours in beginner friendly conditions. Day shift overtime or a second midday into evening shift may be possible during summer months and heat spells. (Expired certifications accepted to train but must be renewed at earliest opportunity and prior to working by yourself or earning safety position pay.) Some of our State's most elite Open Water Lifeguards are at Goat Rock Beach. We are happy to arrange for you to meet them.


Beach Launch and Safety Reviews: Professional CPR, First Aid and Water Rescue Certifications.

The main beach launch person provides our Rental Safety Reviews in between ensuring reserved kayaks are ready to go, along with a few extras. We get many walk up reservations as well. There is a standard flow once the Safety Reviews start. 15 minutes of safety review and 15 minutes of prepping kayaks or SUPs for the next Safety Review. Someone is flexing back and forth to assist you with the prep unless your working solo at the beach on a slow midweek day. Weekends, Holiday and Heat Spells can be very crowded and fast paced. Sometimes two of us are doing the Safety Reviews and often there's also live music j'ust above us at the cafe or wine bar. This position rotates with the owner or other staff to take breaks, do river mouth safety checks, or to rotate to assist with a Guided Tour, if qualified or wanting to train to do that.  Train at $18. We want you to rapidly advance to between $20 to $22 an hour.

Assist Guide: Train to Assist Guide while upgrading certifications to become a Lead Guide.

Guiding and Certified Instruction:

 We never have full-time work in just guiding or instructing. Two tours back to back would be to much overtime in one day as our evening tours can run quite late. It might be possible to do back to back classes with an introductory class followed by a more advanced class or by doing a full day class, but we can't do them everyday. For Full-Time Work: Shift over to Shift Safety Supervision and Safety Reviews before or after your tours or on days when we have no tour clients. Your pay would be split to what we negotiate for flexing over. $25 to $30 an hour depending on experience and ability.

Shift Supervisor: Train to shift supervise for overall business success and to minimize rental, tour, and overall safety liability when not guiding.  Must be experienced in maintaining our safety protocols and ideally a "Fully Certified" Lead Guide or Instructor. $25 to $30 an hour depending on experience and ability. This position would shift to the higher pay rates when serving as Lead Guide or Instructor.

Certified Lead Kayak Guide: Full certifications and experience to "Lead Guide" a team for groups of up to 35 people or student / youth groups. Requirements: ACA level 2 or equivilant "Trip Leader Certification" from a "Major" recognized organizations such as the American Canoe Association (ACA), British Canoe Union (BCU) or the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) or equivalent. Plus the ability to keep the tour on time with firm control while maintaining a pleasant attitude. Must be able to quickly do a quick repair if a boat becomes damaged. For example: Replacing a foot peg, managing a broken paddle, adjusting for sudden unexpected changes in weather or water conditions.  $30 to $35 an hour. Negotiable for someone phenomenal. We have had incredibly phenomenal team members and full teams in the past. We do not subcontract this position. Additional "In House" Training is required to meet our safety and interpretation protocols for this location. $25 to $30 an hour depending on experience and ability.


Part-time Certified Instructors: Kayak / SUP / Sailing:  An Instructor certification from a recognized organizations such as the American Canoe Association (ACA), British Canoe Union (BCU) or the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) or equivalent for providing a participant card from that organization. See Lead Guide for general attitude. $30 to $40 an hour or subcontract possible with your own organizational liability insurance.  Ideally we need instructors who can teach at least the equivalent of Level 2 ACA instruction. We usually subcontract for our own needs for, Water Rescue and ACA Trip Leader and Instructor Certificates with providers at a group rate for our crew. We prep for the certification and refresh our skills together prior to the course dates.


Join Us! We are rebuilding our team and look forward to bouncing back to our former glory and more!

To Apply:  Call 1-707-865-2249 and E-mail your resume and references to watertreks@gmail.com