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We are upgrading!

thank you for your patience while we construct this site to replace our very old one whose site platform is being retired.


Our Fleet:


Most of our kayaks models are Perception that perform well in wind and maintain good stability without sacrificing too much on being able to maneuver.  We also keep a few very stable models as some of our clients prefer this.


We have several models to meet a variety of client needs: Upgrades may include: Sealed storage or well with stowage cords, paddle holder straps and cup holders. All kayaks have seat backs. Sit on top kayaks have sturdy clip in seats. Some of our kayaks have upgrades for ease of seasonal fishing on  reaches farther upstream. Note that fishing is not allowed at our main location within the estuary's Managed Marine Recreation Area or just off shore within the Conservation Area. Please see our WaterTalk Forum for buy/sell/trade offers.



For Sale: Please call for updates.
We haves some used kayaks, both doubles and singles. , a canoe, and two hard plastic paddle boards, with drop down fins, for sale right now.

May 2024: We are replacing some of our great performing models for new ones. Our shipment comes in May and we well have several more kayaks for sale at that time. The list will appear here.

We have more than what's in this photo

Sale: Kayaks, vests, paddles, drybags, accessories and parts: Some new, many barely used. Some very used. Great prices. Some free items too!

Folks know that I normally don't have retail sales. I bought a "Full Fleet Lot" to fill in what I needed and there is just too much! If you want to get on the water for summer as cheaply as possible or if you are looking for a great deal on barely used great kayaks and gear, come get your deal now while the selection is great.

We do not have internet on site so you can call our landline to schedule a kayak demo. Otherwise, Come On Down To The Estuary. We have been open and mostly lake like since the last week in April. We are a family friendly location especially this weekend.

Singles, Tandems, Doubles, Sit In and Sit On Top Kayaks. Models for Kids and Adults all sizes. $10 used paddles to very nice barely used carbon or wood paddles. Nice Neoprene Life Vests some new with tags also cheap used ones. Scupper Plugs, Dry Bags, Foot Pegs, etc.

I will try to add more images. There is more than what's in this one photo.

To the gal who's kayak was washed downstream and destroyed during the flood. You stopped by looking for it. So sorry to have to share it's shape when we found it. I have a kayak that will work great for you for $75 or less. Come by and we can work something out to get you back on the water.


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