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We are upgrading!

thank you for your patience while we construct this site to replace our very old one whose site platform is being retired.

Resuming Evening
Full Moon
Night Bioluminescent

As soon as we are again
fully staffed.

CPR, First Aid, Water Rescue
Renew your certifications
to be part of a fun community education and recreational safety team.

Fees Covered with Seasonal or Annual Employment Agreement.
Competitive Pay
We Reward Your Experience!

Kayak / SUP Tours

Our Tours are limited due to a staff shortage.

Our Present Options

Ask for private midweek dates.

Join our scheduled discount tour events.


See Our Rentals: 

Rentals include thorough interpretation and a lesson prior to your launch.

We look forward to the return of employees and interns

from our local colleges and universities. 

Hiring! Best Pay for Water Rescue Certifications

We value and reward your dedication to excellence.

Tourism Rates:  Listed below

Beginning Kayak Instruction:

Smart Start Skills and Body Dynamics – Paddle for a Lifetime.

Know before you go!- River/Coastal Weather/Water
Ecological and Historical Interpretation.


Non-Profit and Veteran Military Group Discounts: $10 per person
Call for Youth, Education, Research and Volunteer Group Pricing

“Living Classrooms Project” / “Sonoma Coast Watch”
Also See: Educational Tours and Skills Instruction

Ask Your Lodging Provider For Our Discount Code!

Join Us On Our Advertised Mixed Group Dates
Guided / Outfitted : At least 20% Off Private Rates

We Practice “Leave No Trace” Principles!
Pack It In... Pack It Out!
Leave Only Footprints!


Jenner's Russian River Estuary:
Tour Within Our Sonoma Coast State Park

And Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Explore the diverse wildlife of both river and coastal environments.
Learn about the history of the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast.
River Estuary, Island and Coastal Beach Habitats
Wildlife, Plant and Animal Track Identification

Certified Guides: Explore the River and Estuary by Kayak and the Island and Coastal Beaches by Foot.

Fully Outfitted: A Dry Bag for your Belongings and Water Resistant Outerwear if needed.

Kayak Skills and Body Dynamics: Paddle for a Lifetime.

Begin to learn about "Know before you go"!

Island walk: Native Plants and Native American Culture. Russian vs Spanish Influence. History of local redwood, fishing and tourism economy.

Goat Rock Beach Walk: View more wildlife, discuss coastal influences and spot Arched Rock as seen in the movie Goonies!

Possible Wildlife: Harbor Seals, Blue Heron, Osprey, Sea Lions, Whales, Red Fox, Bob Cat, River Otter, Mink, Muskrat, Night Heron, King Fisher, Pelicans, Bald Eagle, Nesting Osprey, and more...
Whales and Dophins: How to spot and identify
Harbor Seal Float: Colony Restrictions: We know the best spots!


Day Tours: Start 9-10 AM:  (Seasonal hours per daylight, temperature, wind) See rates below.


Morning : Easy to Athletic: 3 -4 Hours

Full Day : Easy to Athletic: 5-6 Hours


Evening Tours: Available on warmer evenings. Some Evening Tours Return In The Dark.

Sunset or Full Moon:  See rates below.

Starts 3 hours prior to Sunset: 4 Hours


Perseid Meteor Shower: Peaks August 11, 12, 13 each year: See rates below.


Glowing Plankton: (Bioluminescence): Peaks Mid August into Beginning October: See rates below.

The Tours Above Meet Near Sunset : See The Best Dates Online Under Our Specials & Events:

​On the most intense nights you can see the trails of fish, harbor seals and other estuary life moving in the water as well as glowing water everywhere you touch.

* Age limit on plankton tours:
12 years of age and over unless scheduling your own private group. Under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Under 18 must have parent signature. Please do not bring your child or youth if they become frightened or excessively loud after sunset. The Glowing Plankton can be too stimulating or strange for very young people. And evening tours can be chilly if not actually paddling the kayak.


Recreation Tours:  Can be included with any tour.

Choose your outdoor activity and include....nature based meditation or your preferred body or energy work. Nature Based Mediation: Any format or faith. We'll flow with the Moment!

By Special Appointment Only: Choose your outdoor activity and include local Massage / Reiki / Energy Healing / Qigong / Tai Chi Licensed Practitioners.

Nature Walk: ( With our Without Meditation):  By Appointment: Rates based on group size and length.

1 to 4 hours.


Useful Items To Bring:

​Small day pack
Water and Walking Appropriate shoes
Sunscreen and Sunglasses

A Cap or Wide Brimmed Hat
Water & snacks
Waterproof camera
Waterproof binoculars
GPS (Handy for Geocaching)

Clothing layering: Thin Water Resistant Outerwear for temps below 60 degrees.

Our Guided Rates:

Will be updated prior to Memorial Weekend.

Kayak Tours: Private And Group Rates: 

Our most common requests are listed first

Don't see what you prefer?  Give us a call! 707-865-2249

4 Hours: Our most common day or evening tour:

Estuary Loop / Hike South Beach or Sky Watcher or Full Moon / Sunset. Munchie snack included. -$5 When Bringing Own Snack


 Group Size:     Adult                Child         Guides

  2 -  4              $130 pp            $75                 1

  5 - 10             $120 pp           $65                  1-2

11 -15              $110 pp           $60                  2

16 - 20             $ 100 pp           $55                  2-3

21 - 30             $  90 pp           $50                  3

3.5 hours: Day or Evening: Sunset, Full Moon: 2-4 Person Private: Munchie snack included. Discount $5 When Bringing Own Snack

Group Size:     Adult                Child           Guides

  2 -  4              $120 pp            $65                 1

  5 - 10             $110 pp            $60                 1-2

11 -15              $ 100 pp            $55                 2

16 - 20             $  90 pp            $50                 2-3


3.5 hours: Glowing Plankton: Extra guide at night

No Snack on Plankton Tours.

Group Size:     Adult                Child         Guides

Group Size:     Adult                Child           Guides

  2 -  4              $115 pp            $65                 1

  5 - 10             $100 pp            $60                 2

11 -15              $ 90 pp             $55                 2-3

16 - 20             $   85 pp           $50                 3

Night Child Restrictions:*


3 hours: 2-10 person Evening Or 2-4 Person Private Day:

Glowing Plankton: Extra guide at night. No Snack on Plankton Tours.

Group Size:     Adult                Child         Guides

  2 -  4             $ 100 pp            $60                 1

  5 - 10            $   90 pp            $50                 1-2

Night Child Restrictions:*


*Under 10 restriction on advertised “Join Our Group Plankton Night Tours”. Younger children may find the intensity of the glow unsettling which can impact the overall group experience.  You’re welcome to schedule a private family group tour for your family and friends.


Living Classrooms Project: Schools, Scouts, Education, Research, Wounded Warriors, etc.


These tours are "partially funded by our standard tourism activities" specifically to “match curriculum for schools “ and “provide youth or rehabilitation activities for non-profit entities" that otherwise would not be able to afford to match their needs in the outdoors.

Matching School Curriculum: 4-4.5 Hours

Costs Is By Daily Participants Or Average Over Several Days.

Our larger schools are bringing 5 classes over 5 days averaging 30 students for each class.

Prices are funded through our tourism activities and are not listed online: Call for pricing.


We can also network with other local outdoor activity and accommodation providers for adventure getaways.  



Private 5 Hour Lesson and Rental Package: Not available during pandemic.

2.5 Hour Kayak Lesson Shuttled to Willow Creek and 2.5 Hour Estuary Loop Rental with Recreation Map Review. Clients can break for lunch in between lesson and rental. Lesson in singles. Rental can be double.

         1 person         $ - pp      1 Guide

      2-3 persons      $ - pp      1 Guide

Groups of   4-6       $ - pp      1-2 Guides

Don't see what you want?  Ready to Reserve?

Give us a call: 707-865-2249

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