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Year Round Since 2005

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Hours and Days can change

per weather conditions.

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Jenner Kayaks

Greater Farallones
National Marine Sanctuary

Kelp Sea Forest

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Since 1999

Community Education
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Russian River Estuary
Sharing the best ways to view since 1987
Protected Wildlife Habitat
Marine Protected Area: Ocean and River Nursery
Bald Eagle, Seal Pups, Otter, Whale, Many Birds

River Mouth Open: Potentially Deadly River Mouth and Ocean Currents. Red Flag Limit.

"Stay back at least 150 feet" from resting or feeding birds and wildlife.

"Feeding and Disturbing Wildlife Prohibited"

See Map of roped off areas



Estuary Forecast: 07/21/24

Calm Estuary Days and Evenings

Wildlife love dynamic conditions. Temps in 60s to 70s. True fog rarely happens in Jenner. Fog  in the forecast? Expect warm overcast with full sun possible midday. Full sun days may have breezy afternoons. Outerwear is free to use.

Wind Direction: It may be calm here and windy upstream.

Our forecasts highlight beginner friendly start times.


Sun: Calm to breezy: Start 9AM-4PM / Last off 6:30PM

Mon-Thur: Calm warm days:  Start 10AM-2PM

Next Fri-Sun: Light PM breeze: Start 9AM-4PM

Next Mon-Tue: Calm returns:  Start 10AM-2PM


Ocean Tides: Goat Rock Beach 

Ocean Temps: Bodega Bay  53.5F

See our safety page for  apps to track local conditions.

We use 4 apps. No Forecast correctly covers all aspects.

Forecasts can and do change. Therefore, nobody can be held responsible for full forecast accuracy.

Sonoma Coast
State Park

Rental and Tour
Permits Required

Family Interpretive
Volunteers Since 1985

Safety Training

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Romance in Nature

Russian River
Chamber of Commerce

Russian River
Chamber of Commerce

Become Part of a Fun Community Education
and Outdoor Recreation Safety Team
We Reward Your Experience and Effort!

Call Us! Paid Training
/ Paid Internships
College Credit / Veterans Encouraged

Qualify to Work During all Education Breaks

A Lifeguard Cert: Fastest way to work on the water.
Learn to rescue by kayak: Rental Safety / Assist Guides
Professional Kayak Guide Cert:
Fastest best pay.
Learn our site specific protocols: Lead Guide
+One: Fast Paced Reservations and Customer Service

Learn to manage client flow, outfitting, and communications.

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Marine Protected Areas
Wildlife and Recreation
In a protected sanctuary
State, Federal, and United Nations Protected.

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