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"Know Before

You Go"


Weather Updates


Distance limits

for viewing wildlife.


Dog Limits:

Fines can be up to $10,000 for harming wildlife.


No Fishing:

Within the estuary or off shore wildlife nurseries.


"State and Federal Regulations"

Beginner Friendly Rentals

WaterTrek's Jenner Kayaks


State Park Interpretation Since 1987

Guided Russian River Tours Since 1999

The Original Jenner Kayaks:

Wildlife Adventure Rentals Since 2005

Russian River Estuary

River and Ocean

Wildlife Nursery 

Sharing the Best Ways to Explore 

the Marine Protected Area

within the Tidal Estuary


"Your Tourism Activities Fund

Education, Research and Paid Internships"

Thank you for your support!


Activities throughout the year...

Hours and days can change per weather

Rental Rates



Train to Hire: Certify for Lifeguard / Kayak Safety / Assist or Lead Guide

Best times to train and certify for Summer work are Fall through Spring.

Cancellation Policy

Don't Show Up If You Feel Sick, Have A Cough, Runny Nose, Or Fever.


Any of our staff becoming ill can result in cancelling "All Activities for Everyone"


Avoid Full Price Cancellation Fees: Please Call Immediately.


Cancel Within: Rentals 24 hours / Discount Tours 48 hours / Private Tours 1 Week


Missed the deadline? We can hold it as a prepayment to reserve again for a later date, or  provide proof of illness or emergency situation that resulted in your not being able to cancel in time.

Main Rules : Pay Attention, Be Nice, and Have Fun!

 Wildlife Love a Dynamic Environment 

Great conditions can exist any month even during Fall through Spring school breaks. Being local nature  geeks, certified in water safety, we track what to expect and open for good weather and water conditions throughout the year. Our school field research is generally mid September through Early November

Understanding Wind Direction: It may be calm here and windy upstream or the opposite for NW winds. Many days are calm. August into October are normally very calm months at our location.

Fog  in the forecast? Expect any to burn off quickly and to become warm calm overcast with full sun possible midday. "Morning Fog" may be in regional forecasts, but we tuck in on the coast and with a major river influence, we have very few truly foggy days.  It may however be foggy in Bodega Bay or Fort Ross.

Do Not Approach Deadly River Mouth or Ocean Currents

Wildlife Resting On Land, Feeding or Mating in the Water:

"Stay Back" at least 150 feet

You are not in trouble if they follow you around. Say "Hi"!

Map of roped off areas

Estuary Forecast: 07/21/24

Calm Summer days kick in. 

Join our night bioluminescent tour contact list.

Temps in 60s to 80s. Early morning layering is easy to shed.

Thin water resistant outerwear free to use, but rarely needed. 

   Our forecasts highlight beginner friendly start times.


Sun: Calm to breezy: Start 9AM-4PM / Last off 6:30PM

Mon-Thur: Calm warm days. Low early AM tides:  Start 10AM-2PM / Last off 4:30PM

Next Fri-Sun: Light PM breeze: Start 9AM-4PM / Last off 6:30PM

Next Mon-Tue: Calm returns:  Start 10AM-2PM / Last off 4:30PM


Ocean Tides: Goat Rock Beach

Summer estuary currents are generally not felt. Tidal current moves at the bottom of the estuary. If you feel a tidal current, you are too close to the river mouth. Surface wind is more important concerning paddling effort.

Ocean Temps: Bodega Bay  53.5F

See our safety page for  apps to track local conditions.

We use 4 apps. No Forecast correctly covers all aspects.

Forecasts can and do change. No one can be held responsible for full forecast accuracy.



Reserve Early

"Rental Rates"

Reservations Required: "No act of nature cancellation fees". 

Walk Up Reservations: May experience wait times. We individually prep each kayak, and manage a tight reservation flow. Safety Review space is limited. The times may be fully booked for when you hoped to go, especially if you are bringing a group.

We suggest 48 hours in advance and earlier for large groups and holidays.

Schools, Scouts and Youth Groups often reserve months in advance.


Call: 9 AM - 6 PM Daily


Short Staffed: You may need to leave a message during peak hours.

Jenner: Very Limited Internet and Cell Service

Rural Land Line: No Texts: Leave a voice message anytime.

Summer: Rental Start Times

Days and Hours can be affected by weather: See our forecast updates.


Monday - Thursday: 10 AM - 2 PM

Friday - Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM


Life Opens Up: Breathe Freely On The Water

Heavily Visited Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Area.

  Staff Shortages and Staff over the age of 60. Staff may use Masks During Viral Surges.

We want to stay open

and to keep having fun

with you.

Be Nice To Our Equipment:


Return all gear and equipment as Received


A little wet and sandy is fine.


Damage & Loss Fees:

You pay our cost to replace

(Wholesale + Shipping):


Don't lose gear or parts:

Our gear and boats are upgraded and more expensive than what you find at kiddy beaches. They are kinder to your body and better for handling dynamic conditions.

Don't break our equipment:

No Digging with Paddles:

Step on foot areas of boats: Not on breakable seat backs or hulls.

Use side and end handles to move boats: Not the breakable stowage straps.

Don't burn, melt or damage our boats or gear.

Excess Cleaning Fee:

No Trash, Tobacco, Food Waste, or Excess Mud:

Per boat $20


Remove everything from our outerwear pockets.


Boats: We expect a little sand, but please don't bring back chunks of the beach and avoid tidal mudflats.

Use State Park Trash and Recycle Bins: Next to the kayak launch, to dispose of your own waste.


Help us keep our rates reasonable by caring for our equipment as if it were your own.

If we had an hourly rate it would be in line with similar professional outfitters...

$30 an hour midweek

$35 on Summer weekends and holidays. Some outfitters prorate extra time instead of providing discounts.

Multi-Hour Discounts:  Are already built into our rates.

We can't cut the "Island Loop" in half so we don't suggest a one hour activity.

Resuming Evening
Full Moon
Night Bioluminescent

As soon as we are again
fully staffed.

CPR, First Aid, Water Rescue
Renew your certifications
to be part of a fun community education and recreational safety team.

Fees Covered with Seasonal or Annual Employment Agreement.
Competitive Pay
We Reward Your Experience!

WaterTrek's Jenner Kayaks

The original Jenner Kayaks since 2005

Specializing in Community Education

for the

Managed Recreation Area

At the Russian River and Sonoma Coast Wildlife Nursery

Summer Rental Rates

No Shuttle Required

​Multiple Hour and Midweek Discounts Shown in Prices

We add 30 minutes prior to your "water time" for all rentals:

Our permit is community education based.

We have set schedules and space limits: Your reserved Check-In Time is to be ready for a Scheduled Safety Review and Launch. Please come early for parking.

If You're Late: You may need to wait for the earliest opening in a later safety review and end up with alternate seating. We can't delay the next group reserved for your boats after your reserved return time.

Meet Times: Quick Payment and Outfitting for four medium households or one large group:

Every hour midweek and every 1/2 hour Friday-Sunday.

Safety Reviews: At our Launch: They begin 15 minutes after Reserved Meet Times.

Estuary Safety Review with Mini Kayak Lesson

Wildlife Interpretation : Where and How to View

Free Outfitting: Including use of dry bag and thin water resistant Outerwear

 All participants must have swimming skills

Liability Waivers Required

See  "Park Safety and Wildlife Viewing Limitations"

A Wildlife Nursery and Managed Recreation Area.

Goat Rock Beach: Danger: One of the Deadliest Beaches in California.

Goat Rock Beach & River Mouth Currents are "Not" Wading or Paddling Friendly!

The Tidal Estuary: Beginner friendly most of the time with good conditions.

The Restricted Area for Wildlife to feed, mate, birth and rear their young is the same as the restricted area for human safety: Sea temperature anomalies are impacting wildlife health. To avoid wildlife to human viral transmission, Do Not Enter their River Mouth Resting Area or disturb  groups of Marine Mammals or Seabirds feeding or mating in the water.


Sharing the Best Ways to View

Wildlife in the Estuary since 1987


Children Under 12: Half Price

Children 3 to 5: One per adult: Free
Must be wildlife friendly + $10

Dogs are not allowed on: Goat Rock or Driftwood Beaches per vital wildlife nursery habitat.

  The estuary island is also restricted seasonally per bird nesting.

Do not bring pets that would bark at or chase wildlife.

This is a wildlife nursery and fines can be as high as $10,000 for harrassing wildlife.

Jenner By the Sea: Estuary Loop / Park & Paddle!
No Shuttle Required: 2-6 hours of paddling with wildlife, exploring the island and walking coastal beaches. Wildlife include seals and their pups along with a wealth of bird species including raptors. Sea birds are seen daily especially in their protected resting area. River Otter, are often present with occasional sightings of Fox, Bobcat, Mink and Muskrat. Seasonal trends and fish runs also bring Sea Lions, Whales, dolphins, pelagic birds and both Brown and American White Pelicans.

Rates Are Per Person:

Adult Seating Rates are listed.

Rates are the same for adults whether you are taking a Double or two Singles.

Families with smaller children must use Double Kayaks or one of our Canoes.

Ask about discounts:  Families with children, seniors, schools, youth groups, military, emergency service, and hospital staff.

  Water Time: 2 Hrs

 Total:        2.5 Hrs

​              Midweek:
              Single:   $55

             Double: $110

     Weekends and Holidays:*

              Single:   $60

             Double: $120

 Water Time: 4 Hrs 

 Total:        4.5 Hrs

      ​       Midweek:

             Single:   $75

            Double: $150

     Weekends and Holidays:*

            Single:   $80

           Double: $160

 Water Time: 5-8 Hrs

 Total:  Full Day: "Not recommended Fall through Spring"      

(Not recommended without a shuttle do to chances of afternoon wind on a twisting river.  Shuttles must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance and must happen first thing in the morning.  We are not shuttling when short staffed.)


             Single: $  95

            Double: $190

    Weekends and Holidays:*

            Single: $100

           Double: $200

Useful Items To Bring:



Wide brimmed hat or cap
Layering and water friendly shoes
Small waterproof day pack or use our drybags
Water & snacks
Waterproof camera

GPS (Handy for Geocaching)


Professional Outfitters

at other Locations

Kayak Healdsburg

Kayak Lake Sonoma

Kayak Sausalito

Kayak Napa

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