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River Height & Flow       All Monitor Locations: Ukiah to Guerneville

Weather and Wind Conditions:  Plenty of water year around from Monte Rio to Jenner.

Coastal Temperatures:  Fluctuate less than inland reaches.  Expect Daytime Coastal Temperatures  5-15 degrees below what you will experience as you paddle upstream.  Morning and Evening hours are cooler inland than on the coast.

Summer Months: Current is slow but start your activity early to avoid seasonal afternoon winds April-July.

Evening and Sunset Activities often have no wind.
Expect fluctuating mist and fog locally in between seasonal heat spells inland. Always pay attention to Tidal Currents When Near The River Mouth!

August - October: Wind: Expect little to no wind most days.

December - March: Water: When we expect the most rain in Northern California.  Although the weather and water can be perfect, River Currents May Be Strong After Each Rain Storm.  Although this can shut down kayaking in the estuary near the river mouth, it can be a plus upstream, after the river debris clears, for boaters with moving water skills. Pre-Scouting for logs and other keeper strainers (debris that can trap you and your kayak under the water) is a safety priority after each rain.
Guided Tours and Certified Instruction May Replace Beginning Kayak Rentals.

March - May: Morning and Evening Temperatures can be quite cold at times.  After 9 or 10 AM is usually best. Remember to avoid occassional strong afternoon winds. River Currents may continue to move through May. This provides opportunities to flow with the current, paddle less and practice basic class I moving water maneuvering skills.  This is the most popular time of year for more experienced paddlers to enjoy the Russian River and Seasonal Creeks. Please Practice The Same Cautions Mentioned For December - March.

Call or use our links for weather updates.

Safety Limitation on Rentals:
Coastal and Wind influences:  Kayakers may be required to show certification of prior kayak instruction or demonstrate skills prior to renting a closed deck kayak during windy or moving water conditions. Tours Are A Good Option. Skills Courses Are Available.  Discount on first kayak rental after taking our beginning kayaking course.  Sit on top kayaks are available.

Tides:  Bodega Bay / Fort Ross

Weather: Goat Rock   Bodega Bay


River Height 3 Day Forecast

Monte Rio/Duncans Mills

Surf Report

Bodega Bay Buoy


Tides In Russian River Estuary At Jenner Influenced by River Mouth Formation!

River mouth  is closed: Lake like conditions possible upstream to above Monte Rio. (10 miles)

Mouth Narrow/Shallow: Less tidal influence, less extremes in high or low tides, later times than in tidal charts.

Mouth Wide Heavy Current: Caution! Currents May Be Too Swift To Paddle Back Upstream!

Always Avoid The River Mouth! On outgoing tides there is increased risk of being swept out to sea!

The Ocean Waters Off Goat Rock Beach Can Be Some Of The Deadliest Waters In Northern California.  Rich in wildlife and Great to Visit, but Not For Swimming or Wading in the Surf!
Playing in the waters
on the riverside at Goat Rock Beach is family friendly but be aware that the water is not as warm as it is upstream.

Bodega Harbor
Fort Ross

California Coast
Fort Ross & Bodega Bay Tides Are Located Near The Bottom Of The Linked Page .  Includes Rise & Set for both Sun and Moon. You must Select A Location and Select All The Dates Desired.

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