Reservations & Privacy Policies
                                      All Confirmations By Phone: 707-865-2249
                             Requests Accepted by e-mail:

All Reservations are confirmed by phone and secured by credit card or payment in advance.  Credit Card Reservations are not charged until date of service.

Why prepay or use a credit card to secure our reservation?

The base of what we provide is Community and School Education and Research,  Recreational Professional and Guide Training and Internships.

 Our Tourism Activities in the form of Guided Tours and Self-Guided Rentals are much the same as booking airfare, car rentals and accommodations.  We can fully book with reservations as much as a year in advance for either educational, team building or tourism groups and we have less standard staffing in slower times of the year.  At times we may  hire extra help or rent extra  boats from other outfitters, who  may not operate year around as we do, to meet our and your needs.  Our time and expenses to hire staff and prepare equipment for your activity are included in the price of your reservation.

Our first three years after transitioning into also providing tourism activities, we did not require prepay or a credit card deposits. Unfortunately our educational programs greatly suffered do to loss of income from clients who did call in advance to cancel their reservations, after we had already paid for extra equipment and staffing to meet their needs.  Therefore in order to preserve our ability to offer tourism activities we require pre-payment or a credit card in order to secure a reservation for tourism activities.

Cancellation Policy:
Since we are open year around, we still operate in light mists and rain and also provide outerwear for your comfort.

No Charge:

Emergencies, Accidents, Family illness and other things of this nature.

Weather: We do not charge you for cancellations do to acts of nature including if the weather is much colder or damper than you originally hoped for.  An example would be a reservation to include going swimming and the weather changes to cool weather with sprinkles or if winds come up that are too strong for beginning clients to feel comfortably in control of their kayaks, unless they are taking a class to teach them how to handle those conditions.

If we suspect that the weather is changing we usually give you a call and always encourage you to call our check our weather forecasts links 24 hours in advance of your activity.

Cancellation Fees:

Small Groups: 1- 6 people: Less than 24 hours: $25 or 25%: Whichever is greater.

Medium Groups: 7-16 people: Less than 72 hours: $75 or 25%: Whichever is greater.

Large Groups: 17-30 people: Less than 7 days: $100 or 25%: Whichever is greater.


In the same spirit that we care for our Earth, we care about your privacy.

We will never share or sell your personal information.

You may choose to sign up for our Quarterly Recreational Update
and/or for our Activity Discount or Seasonal Activity Updates.

If you would like to receive information from our activity partners or recommended providers,  please request updates directly from them or request that we have them contact you directly.

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